The chess boards are made of high quality wood and ecological materials. They are made in Poland in a small family business, which has existed for generations.   Chess boards are made by hand. Our offer includes solid wood chess, wooden chess, carved wooden chess. Our wooden chess pieces are products made by producers of wooden chess pieces. Our chess pieces are products of the highest quality made of solid wood and plywood, and the figures themselves are hand-turned and carved. Wooden chess pieces are by far the most popular type of chess set used to play chess. The inner beauty of handcrafted wooden chess pieces, both simple and very detailed carvings, is a traditional element of the game that has never been improved upon. Our wooden figures are the art of handcrafting chess that has been passed down through generations for hundreds of years. Our wooden chessboards are produced in our chess factory in Białka. We matched each of our sets of pieces to a perfect chessboard to create the best possible combination. Chess - a family of strategic board games played by two players on a 64-square chessboard with a set of pieces. The pieces are also popularly, though imprecise, called chess.

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