We live in times when we pay more and more attention to living in harmony with nature. That is why it is worth going back to our roots and taking care of the ecological design of our closest surroundings, filling our interiors with designer furniture made exclusively from natural wood - a timeless raw material, which for centuries has delighted not only with its beauty and warmth, but also durability. Whether you're dealing with pine, alder, birch, beech or oak, wood is a material that offers virtually endless design possibilities. 

In our offer you will find solid wood Rustic furniture and loft furniture. Both types of furniture are beautiful and practical but also unique.

Furniture is produced in small family carpenter's workshops. Each piece of furniture is from beginning to end made by hand, fully crafted work based on proven methods that have worked for generations. This allows for individual refinement of each piece, so that each of them is fully unique. 

The advantage of our furniture is modern minimalism, as well as its high functionality and unique appearance. 

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our diverse collection - we guarantee that our unique collection, created in combination with the unique atmosphere of wood coming straight from Polish forests, will suit every home, hotel and office.

We invite you to shop. 

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