At the beginning I would like to say a few words about myself. I am an ambitious and creative Pole.

 Since my childhood I have worked with wood, because my parents had a carpenter's workshop. You could say that I "grew up" in a carpenter's workshop. Every day I helped my parents to make boxes, crates and other wooden objects. This means that I am very familiar with the quality and properties of wood. Making and selling wooden products was my everyday life. Wood is my passion and my favorite material to create things from. 

After living in Switzerland for several years, I decided to open an online store with wood products because "Switzerland is the green island of Europe" and I care about ecology and environment. Therefore, for the Swiss, the quality and the material of the products is important so that they can serve them for years.

Thanks to my experience and passion I am able to run an online store at the highest level. 

In the store you can find wooden items that are made in Poland. 

Each manufacturer I know personally, so I am convinced of the quality of the products. 

In the store you will find handmade products of the highest quality.