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A wooden coffee table is an essential accessory and is often the heart of the living room. The coffee table helps to anchor the point of use of the parts in the store and serves as a place to put away drinks or snacks. It also provides a surface for displaying windows or decorative elements. Here are some tips on how to choose the right coffee table for your living room. The height of the wood coffee table depends on the height of the sofa or armchairs for which it is intended. The same goes for the length, the low side table should take up half or a third of the length of the sofa. Regarding shape, a rectangular coffee table usually fits anywhere, a square low coffee table gives a feeling and openness. Our coffee tables are made of solid wood, they are varnished or waxed. We make our coffee tables according to of our projects or according to customer's design - any sizes and colors. In the Rustical Wood store, we have a wide range of coffee tables. They come in many different shapes and sizes all the time, with interesting woods. We offer a range of unique wood coffee tables that are one of a kind. You can also order a coffee table to size according to any design.

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